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Intricate Food Illustrations by Anna Keville Joyce

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Pizza Princess?


Pizza Princess?

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this is of high importance

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Some random food on ceramic plates: baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad; PB&J with carrots and chips; fried chicken sandwich with fries; and grilled cheese with chips.

I wanted to try out my new mini light box so I just threw these in there to see how they’d come out. It’s not bad - I’m not limited to waiting until I have decent light to take pictures anymore. I need to set up something to bounce light back onto the items from the front. Shouldn’t be hard; I just need an index card or something.

The only issue I have is that I can’t fit any of the paper I was using for backgrounds into it. Looks like I’ll have to cut them up to fit now. Other than that, I like it! It also means I can finally take decent pictures for my PDF tutorials. :)

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I’m in the interesting and innovative packaging fandom. Who’s with me?

packaging can make or break my buying a product

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"I coulda dropped my croissant"

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