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A thingy I thought might help someone. And it’s super easy mode.

     Dudes. Please. Don’t ever fucking put acrylic paint onto your skin. Even deco paint. Even watercolor, and never oils. Even if you mix it with skin safe paint. Don’t paint with your fingers without gloves. Don’t apply it like makeup. Even a small amount.That is absolutely not what it’s for. Ask any art student who’s had to sit through ten different Hazardous Material lectures.

    Seriously. I feel like I’m going to be shouting this from my death bed. Acrylic paints are not intended for use on skin, they can contain anything from Manganese, Cobalt, Cadmium, and even lead. Don’t do it.

    My friend has severe nerve damage from constantly painting with his fingers. The Tin-man practically died from this shit. Come onnnn. And now five thousand people are going to do this. Lord.

save a life and reblog so maybe those cosplayers won’t do this.

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She goes from Mufasa to Malificent


She goes from Mufasa to Malificent

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I’m so proud to be part of Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode this year! I hope you can go to this awesome expo-party during PAX Prime!

It was so rare to find a partner to trade pokemon at that time where I live, that when I found it, it was instant love. Also I want to commemorate Gameboy’s 25th anniversary ♥ love ya lil block.

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Tried to sneak and eat some icecream at night. God punished him

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"better get off Tumblr now"


image"but wait what is that?!"

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Saͯ̏̑͜c̶̏̓̊rͭͪͤͩ͛ͤ̚if͋͂i͋́̈̈́͊c̅̄̌̕e ̂ͪt̏̿̿̂̋ͦ͠h͛ͮ̓̀́̇̎e͗́ ̄̀̌ͮ͏l̇ͨͫ͌a̡̓͋̓̏͑͗mͥ͑b


Saͯ̏̑͜c̶̏̓̊rͭͪͤͩ͛ͤ̚if͋͂i͋́̈̈́͊c̅̄̌̕e ̂ͪt̏̿̿̂̋ͦ͠h͛ͮ̓̀́̇̎e͗́ ̄̀̌ͮ͏l̇ͨͫ͌a̡̓͋̓̏͑͗mͥ͑b


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